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Electric Scrubber Brush Set

This powerful cordless scrub brush designed to remove tough outdoor dirt and grime – guaranteed. 

This forceful torque scrubs and cleans outdoor furniture quickly and with ease. The dirt is blasted away and the interchangeable brushes can also get into the hard to contact crevices.
 Lightweight and easy to use.
 Powerful torque yet energy saving
 Gets rid of dirt for furniture, glasses, and almost any objects. 
 Restores shine and luster
Designed to blast through outdoor grime
Cordless scrub brush
Easily restore all types of outdoor surfaces. This incredible torque can remove any dirt.  Forget using gas motors and toxic chemicals to clean. Restore all of your patio furniture shine and luster easily with Electric Scrubber Brush set!

Package includes: 
1 x Compact Power Scrubber

1 x Pointed Corner Brush

1 x Large Diameter Fat Brush

1 x Mounting Disc for Microfiber Pads

1 x Microfiber Pads

1 x USB Charger