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Mini Flying Quadcopter with flashing LED lights

A high-tech sensing flying ball toy looks like it comes from space.
Our kid drones can be suspended in the air, also it can fly in all directions according to inductive sensors.
The colorful LED lights alternately flash in the flight, which is more vivid and interesting.
You can manipulate it easily and play with parents or kids together.
High toughness protection, no fear of collision, effectively reduce impact injury.
✅ Intelligent automatic obstacle avoidance, visible intelligent objects.
 Gesture control flight, no remote control, easy to use.
 360 stunt rotation, a more interesting flight experience.
 Inverted stop flight, humanized safety protection.
 USB smart charging, not afraid of charger loss.
 Throw fly, so simple, blue light can take off.
 Feel sensitive, full of fun.